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Understated Luxury For Everyday Living


Born out of a desire to bring a little bit of luxury into everyday living - Hunter Maison stands for elegant, timeless designs that balance both comfort and style. Each piece in our range of bedding provides the foundation for a perfectly styled bedroom regardless of your aesthetic, while our loungewear collection is designed to inspire you to relax at home or on the go. 


Our mission to bring understated luxury into your home is underpinned by our commitment to quality. Our collection is thoughtfully designed in Australia and made overseas from 100% French Flax Linen. Durable, lightweight and magnificently soft, each piece is guaranteed to not only last, but get better with age. 

With more than a decade of experience styling and designing homes in Sydney, Australia, Founder and Creative Director, Libby knows a well-made bed is the pinnacle of every well designed bedroom. Moreover, as a mother of two, Libby undoubtedly understands the importance of a good night's sleep! 

Hunter Maison will add a touch of effortless sophistication to every interior.


Your Linen 


Our linen starts its life cycle in the fields of Normandy, France. The perfect balance of sun and rain means, Normandy offers some of the best conditions for growing the flax plant. From here, the fibres go through a 10 step process before they become the beautifully soft linen we know and love. 

It starts with planting and flowering during mid April. The plant takes 100 days to grow and flowers when it reaches approximately one metre. Once in full bloom the flower only lasts a matter of hours. During this time the landscape of the Normandy region turns into a delicate sea of pale blue. Once the leaves have dropped off the bottom of the stem, the harvesting process begins. Retting is the next step - sun, dew and rain help the fibrous skin detach from the central wood. Scutching then transforms the plant into fibres. These fibres are then combed to create soft luxurious ribbons.

Next a dry and wet spinning process takes place, this transforms the fibres into yarns. The yarn is woven and the finishing process of bleaching, dying and stretching takes place creating the aesthetic appearance of linen we have come to know.  The material is then cut and sewn to create our beautiful range of Hunter Maison bedding and lounge wear. To increase the softness and flexibility of the linen the material is stone washed with beautiful pumice stones. Finally we perform a quality check before packing and shipping to our customers. 

Once you have enjoyed a good night's sleep in our linen bedding or lounge wear, we can assure you, that you will never look back. Whether it's summer or winter, the natural properties of linen will ensure you maintain the perfect temperature - while offering incredible softness. Effortless luxury that looks as good as it feels!

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